About Us

Over half a century, Reanthai Group has been a known name in Thailand’s paper industry. We offer wide range of services and products; from commodity paper to the finest quality.

Today, Reanthai Group has expanded beyond industrial and geographic borders. With the first step in paper trading within the country, matchmaking the clients with the right products as well as serving as a consultant regarding all printing and paper matters. Becoming a producer has taken us to other territories, which gets us closer to existing and prospect customers.

All six affiliated companies in Reanthai Group, each with distinctive expertise and specialty, are bound together with the strong philosophy and led under the same vision. Reanthai Group’s six sister companies are:

  1. Reanthai Boonyakit Co., Ltd. (RTB)
  2. Wattanaboon and Butre Co., Ltd. (WTB)
  3. Thai Product Paper Mill Co., Ltd. (TPM)
  4. Paper Pack Co., Ltd. (PP)
  5. Reanthai Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. (RPP)
  6. Roxy Paper Co., Ltd. (ROXY)

Reanthai Group was established by core values of trustworthiness and upright business practices; aiming for prosperity that lasts. Fulfilling clients' expectations as well as answering an emerging demand of the industry are our key priorities. We values happiness of our team, for everyone is connected by family-like bond and works efficiently in home-like environment.

"Growing strongly and sustainably, we move forward with codes of morality and honesty."

Sustainability & Environment

Reanthai Group strongly emphasizes on the actions contributing towards preservation and sustainability of society and environment.

With the recognition in both national and international level; Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC), and Thailand’s Green Label, which are used to certify the products associated with ‘green’ practices for the sustainable society, quality of life, and environment.

Reanthai Group believes this issue is a matter of choice. Thus, materials used in our own paper production are wasted paper manufactured with clean energy of 100% biomass. We are proud to say that NAKA Board, Grey Chip Board paper brand from Thai Product Paper Mill Co.,Ltd. is 100% recycled and a good friend to the planet.